Many publishers in scientific, technical and medical areas rely on recruitment advertising for a contribution to the bottom line of their publications. As recruitment moves online, well-constructed software is driving the process now. The result is a rapid reduction in the cost and time involved for recruitment of professionals and in due course less cumbersome and more accurate selection processes. For a quick view of some of the outcomes of this change take a look at the following sites: interesting mainly for the control given to job seekers on this one of the largest high tech job sites. Choose to create a customized profile, "announce" your availability and/or make a resume or CV available on the web-site. This range of options is a trend which should make the recruitment process less of ‘a needle in a haystack' approach than simply resume database searches. a site that literally collects jobs for job seekers by searching the web for links to job openings. Flipdog claims to have more job openings than or both of these sites are also worth a look if you have never sampled a major league recruitment site. is a combined recruitment site from three Reed Elsevier owned publications - Cell, New Scientist and BioMed Net. The site is a simple job listing, job posting and e-mail alerting service which is easy to use. A search of all jobs posted in the past 30 days worldwide yielded 235 jobs. This site is accepting online only job advertisements at $275 for a single job for up to 8 weeks. from the Wall Street Journal. This is a truly rich career site for executives, managers and professionals with plenty of job seeking advice and support and regularly updated features of interest. The backbone of the site are two key elements - searchable job listings that can be posted for $275 for 30 days or $375 for 60 days, and a searchable resume database.   

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