Mary Waltham


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Crossing boundaries between art, archaeology, soil science and agriculture, the creative outcomes of this practice-based art research project are informed by my background in art and science. Formats presented include painting, making, growing and writing.


A short video to express what I try to achieve in my work, and why it matters to me.


An exhibition at Princeton Public Library of works by Mary Waltham and Susan Hoenig is no longer on view due to the COVID 19 pandemic. In this 18 minute video, Mary Waltham talks about some of her work that is inspired by the many wetlands of New Jersey.

Wetland to Woodland: An exhibition of eco-art works at Princeton Public Library from Mary Waltham on Vimeo.


An invitation to the viewer to slow up and consider the remarkable change occurring during the Spring, both visually and in what we hear.


A time series video of Rogers refuge a small wetlands area in Princeton, NJ. It captures the hard winter and sudden arrival of spring with new growth and the emerging soundscape as the seasons progress.

Sights and sounds of the marsh from Mary Waltham on Vimeo.


Surface Tension: Cohesion is one part of my contribution to a collaborative online exhibition Surface Tension with four other international artists. Cohesion highlights the deep enduring tension in our culture between what we want and what we need.

Cohesion from Mary Waltham on Vimeo.


The Pollinators

. from Mary Waltham on Vimeo.



. from Mary Waltham on Vimeo.