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Mary Waltham is focusing her consulting business on helping publishers answer these fundamental questions:

How can our international online business be developed and which countries and market sectors should we focus on?

  • How do we make the move from our current level of performance in new and expanding international markets?
  • Given our strengths and weaknesses where are the opportunities most promising in the short and the longer term?

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How do we evaluate the opportunities and threats to our publications which are associated with Open Access publishing?

  • What analysis of external and internal factors is essential for us to understand the full impact of Open Access?
  • How may we respond in a way that is positive but will not destroy our business?

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How should our business models change now that our readers access our publications online?

  • What are the most likely scenarios if we do make such changes?
  • How do such scenarios impact our financial plan and publishing strategy?

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How do we evaluate options for expansion of our online presence?

  • What is happening in electronic publishing in our market sector?
  • What new opportunities exist for sales and services to our market online?
  • How should we focus our efforts online to enhance our competitive position in a period of rapid change?

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In which markets should we be developing new products?

  • How do we decide whether to launch a new publication into a discipline?
  • How should we define its scope?
  • How do we position and balance print and electronic offerings?
  • Given the increasing level of interactions across and between disciplines, how can we be sure our products meet the information needs of professionally active scientists and physicians working in interdisciplinary and inter-specialty areas?

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What is our competitive position - editorially and commercially - in key national and international markets?

  • What is our competitive position - editorially and commercially - in key international markets?
  • How can we improve that position?

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How can we improve our strategic position for long term growth?

  • Who should we form alliances with domestically and globally to benefit both our organizations?
  • How do we actively seek out and develop partnerships rather than relying on chance?
  • How should we position new or existing products - editorially and commercially - to achieve maximum impact in national and international markets?

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Where can we get experienced help with - ?

  • Marketing strategies, plans and forecasts
  • Publishing benchmarks - editorial and commercial
  • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities
  • Organizational change and infrastructure

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