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Here are comments from some of the people I have worked with recently. If you wish to find out more about my work with them please contact them directly by e-mail or phone.

 Terry Van Schaik, Publisher and Director Journal Publications, American Society of Clinical Oncology

“Would I employ Mary Waltham’s services again? You bet, because I know she would listen to my needs, help me further clarify them, explore with me options for meeting them, organize our agreed upon approach, deliver the results of her study thoroughly and on time, and challenge me and my colleagues to think outside our sphere of knowledge and apply what we know and learn for our work with her.”

Tel: 571-483-1682

 Barbara H. Lange, Director Publishing Business Development, IEEE

“Over the past few years, IEEE has engaged Mary on several projects.  These included things like data acquisition and analysis on a pricing study as well as helping us define a new service to reach into a particular market. Mary's work is excellent; she is thorough in her coverage and very reliable in delivering on time results.  With her extensive knowledge of the STM publishing space, it's easy to reach out to her for projects since the learning curve is very short, if it's there at all.  I know that Mary's work carries weight when it is presented.”

Tel: 732-485-0088

 Richard V. Lawson, Executive Director, Marine Technology Society

“I had benefited from Mary's wealth of experience through seminars and other outlets for many months before I had the privilege of actually engaging Mary in a project.  My high expectations were met in her thorough, professional and analytical review and recommendations on our scholarly journal business.  The future is now very bright and I can't recommend Mary highly enough!”

Tel: 410-884-5330

 Geoff Oldham, Chair of Board of Trustees,

"I would like to thank you for your excellent report. It was so full of helpful observation, good analysis and wise counsel that it proved to be of invaluable help to the Trustees as they considered the future of the organization. I had high expectations following our initial meeting and I must say I was not disappointed."


 Joy Bartholomew, Executive Director, Estuarine Research Federation


"Mary worked with great diplomacy and effectiveness to guide our Publications Committee of scientist Members in the evaluation of our business model. Her analytical framework clarified the industry's global context and our specific situation; her written report provided essential and objective background information. With that understanding and her detailed analysis of our recent revenues and expenses, the Committee developed recommendations that our Board accepted and acted upon. Mary's expertise allowed our committee members to contribute effectively and they all thought that their progress would have been impossible without her. Mary's knowledge and understanding of scholarly publishing and its international trends helped us sort out and focus on the critical issues."

Tel: 410-326-7468

 Eileen Gifford Fenton, Executive Director, Portico

"We asked Mary to plan and execute a challenging project involving significant data collection and complex analysis.  She approached the project with great enthusiasm and persisted with determination through various hurdles and challenges that arose.  Her deep experience; painstaking analysis; creative insights; and deep regard for confidentiality needs yielded an outcome that exceeded our expectations and represented extremely good value.  That our interactions were always shaped by her delightful style and cheerful good nature was just a bonus."

Tel: 609-258-8355

 Lynne Herndon, President and CEO Cell Press

"Mary is a living definition of value-added. Her work for us tapped her broad experience as a publishing executive. Through careful questioning and thorough research she delivered sound insights and refreshing opinions. Her commitment to delivering the best possible solutions made this project into a lively exchange of questions and answers. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking authoritative information, thoughtful and practical advice, and a fresh perspective.”

Tel: 617-397-2815
 Donald Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief - Science

“We asked Mary Waltham to do an analysis of marketing and design issues with respect to Science, Science's on-line journal, and its several other on-line products.  Her experience with publishing (economics as well as editorial issues) and web design enabled her to do a superb job for us -- one that helped us look at the interrelationships in a new way.  She gave us a clear, insightful report notable for its non-reliance on ritual boilerplate.  It was on time, and worth every penny of a surprisingly modest budget.”


 Anne Orens, Director, New Business Development, Ingenta Inc.

“Mary regularly exceeded every expectation on the project she undertook for us.  We were the beneficiaries of her broad knowledge of the publishing industry, and her fresh approach.  The project was truly a collaboration and we learned almost as much by listening to the insightful questions Mary posed throughout the course of the project as in the clear, actionable recommendations made at the end of the project.  I would not hesitate to hire Mary again or to recommend her to any publishing colleague.


 Hap McSween, Chair of publications committee, Geological Society of America

“Mary Waltham conducted an independent audit of the Geological Society of America (GSA) publications - books and journals. Mary was commended by the Publications Committee for a superlative report. We especially appreciated the way she not only identified problems but provided sound advice on remedies.”


 Chris Lynch, VP for Publishing, Massachusetts Medical Society (NEJM)

“I wanted to say how much I appreciated all your efforts with this project. You did an outstanding job with every aspect. The process was right, the communication was right, the solicitation of buy-in was right and the final reports in each phase were highly professional and easy to follow. It has given me a great platform to take this into the selling stage.”

Tel: 781-434-7328
 Anne Fullerton, Head of Online Services, International Reading Association

"Mary not only helped us identify the best ways to position our online journals for particular audiences, but she provided detailed recommendations on how we could best get the job done. Her thoroughness, insight, vast knowledge of publishing and thoughtfulness helped us ensure the success of our new online publications from day one. And her ideas about how we could strengthen our publishing team have resulted in a stronger publishing program, in both print and online."

Tel: 302-731-1600

 Bob Bovenschulte, Director of Publications, American Chemical Society

"In the past year Mary Waltham has worked on three projects for the ACS Publications Division. One was a large and complex study that led to a fundamental strategic change and the creation of a new venture. Without hesitation or reservation, I can recommend her to any publisher needing a consultant who combines familiarity with the industry, experience as a senior executive, keen insight, and a compulsion for finding practical and economically sensible solutions to real problems."

Tel: 202-872-6215

 Michael Held, Director of the Rockefeller University Press

"Mary's work with the Rockefeller University Press this year has been highly productive and stimulating. She brings a depth of publishing experience that complements our existing strengths, and challenges us to review what we currently do and why. She consistently demonstrates insight, coherence, and attention to appropriate detail. Mary's timeliness and confidentiality attest to her integrity and experience."

Tel: 212-327-8571

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